Project Benefit

By keeping bacterial pollution out of the rivers and bay, our water is safer and cleaner. Phase III of this project will enhance and expand the benefits we’ve seen from Phases I and II. When the Tunnel is complete, storm-related sewage discharges will have decreased by 93 percent. More shellfish grounds can be opened and more beaches can be opened for swimming. It will also open more options for waterfront activities in the urban core. Today’s generation will never know a bay and river that were polluted and degraded; they will only know a clean and healthy bay.



Project Benefits

In addition to improving the water quality and the associated recreational opportunities, RestoredWaters RI has provided for a number of Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) projects in Central Falls. Two newly-constructed athletic fields – Macomber Field and Perez Field – were built as GSI to help manage stormwater while also providing much needed athletic field space to the City.


Following completion of the Pawtucket Tunnel, we envision the area surrounding the Tunnel Pump Station on School Street as a public park with walking trails, play areas, and an overlook onto the Seekonk River. The gallery shows concepts of the space following completion of construction.